Routing VoIP to OpenVPN router

I would like to redirect all VoIP traffic, and only VoIP, to flow through OpenVPN. Sadly, Balance One does not currently support OpenVPN. However, I have a Netgear wireless router with OpenVPN capability that is connected to Balance One as a client. Is there a way to re-route all VoIP traffic to use the OpenVPN connection of that router? If not, is there something I can do to accomplish this, other than to beg Peplink to add OpenVPN as a feature :frowning::frowning::frowning:

At the moment, I know two solutions to my problem but both are not ideal:

  • Have the users manually switch to Netgear wireless connection to connect VoIP through OpenVPN, but this will connect all traffic to OpenVPN, and is a manual process.
  • Buy a separate WAN, and configure OpenVPN on the ISP router, but this will waste a whole WAN for this purpose, and I won’t be able to change the router to bridge mode.

Any ideas?

What kind of VoIP traffic are we talking about here? Is it VoIP phones?
Are you able to create a different VLAN for your voice traffic? That way you can static route that VLAN to go out via your Netgear router.


For simplicity, let’s assume that it’s just Skype traffic. So, I want a way to route all Skype traffic, from all clients, to use OpenVPN. At the same time, non Skype traffic should just use existing WANs without OpenVPN.

I have Balance One with two WANs. Considering that I have a spare Netgear wireless router with OpenVPN capability, how do I accomplish this?

I would suggest connecting in this way. I assume the Netgear wireless router can do NAT, static route, policy route and etc.
ISP1 <β€” Netgear β€” (WAN1) Balance One <β€” Clients
ISP2 <------------------ (WAN2)

Skype is a bit tricky since it was using TCP 1024 and above. If you are using SIP, you may create Outbound Policy to redirect UDP 5060 and RTP ports to WAN2 and the rest of traffic will be redirected to WAN1.