Routing traffic through Fusionhub to a lan segment and out the WAN of that lan segment

Hi, my drawing isn’t great, but hopefully it gets the gist across.

I have an instance of Fusionhub running on AWS. I would like to have remote clients (OpenVPN and Max Transit) connect to a Max BR1 on my main LAN (behind a Sonicwall firewall), and then out to the internet on the Sonicwall’s WAN port.

So that if I googled “what is my IP” from the laptop or mobile phone, it would give me the IP address of the Sonicwall’s WAN port, rather than the Fusionhub AWS IP as it does now.

Also, since I’m using Fusionhub with a dedicated IP, do I need to open any ports in the Sonicwall, or if I set it up via In Control, will the Max BR1 create a VPN tunnel to Fusionhub with no ports open? (I have the other VPN connections setup, but haven’t done the Max BR1 behind the Sonicwall yet).

More specifically, I might want to only have certain domains route through the sonicwall’s WAN, and the rest through Fusionhub’s WAN.

Also, I’m using Fusionhub Essentials (5 peers). Do the openVPN connections count as part of the 5 peers, or is there is a separate restriction on the number of openVPN clients?