Routing through the PEPVPN

I have a B580 (LAN in the office connected via public IP and pepvpn with a remote B20 (LAN
On wan 2 of B20 there is a teltonika cellular modem (LAN
Locally from B20 lan I can reach and configure the teltonica modem on, but not from B580 lan in the office.
I ask if there is some configuration to reach the teltonika modem from the office lan(192.168.1.X).
thanks DANI

On the B20 create an outbound policy for set to enforced and use the vpn connection as the route.


Thanks Martin but the rule is created on the B580 (office side). When from subnet I call (remote teltonika) the packet is sent trough the pepvpn to the gateway that know his address and then I able to reach it .
Thanks a lot for your assistance.

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