Routing through own VPN

I just switched from a MAX On-The-Go to a MAX-BR1-LTE-V. When trying to access certain web sites behind a VPN connection (not PepVPN), the BR1 router is blocking access somewhere. I can successfully SSH into the host, and even curl responds. But using a web browser on port 443 simply times out. Port 80 seems to be unaffected. Any suggestions on something to set within the admin page of the BR1? The exact same set up with the OTG router works just fine.


  1. BR1 establishes IPSec VPN to remote end? Then you access web sites via IPSec tunnel.

  2. Have you block Tcp 443 on Outbound Firewall?

  3. You access web sites with private IP right?

  4. Are you able to telnet with port 443 to the destination (web sites)?

They are internal sites only accessible when connected to an OpenVPN server – using something like Tunnelblick or Viscosity. It is a brand new BR1 with default configuration, so nothing is blocked on the outbound firewall. I can ssh and curl to the destination and get a response. However, the same addresses are blocked using a web browser.

I just stumbled upon the 6.2.1b01 build 1689 firmware, and installed it. It fixed the problem. Clearly there is a bug with 6.1.3s018 build 1825.


Thanks for your feedback. Your effort is appreciated.