Routing Access Point to Preferred WAN

I have a peplink 310 that i am using in drop in mode. I have a wifi router on the lan side I have configured to be used strictly as an access point. The wifi is working correctly but all the traffic for the wifi is being routed through WAN 2 and never routes through WAN 1. My problem is WAN 2 is my slowest of the two. Is there someway via ip or something I can tell the peplink to route all traffic for that ip through WAN 1?

Sounds like we didn’t have outbound rules setup correctly. Could you please tell us what you have under Network > Outbound Policy on Balance web admin page? A screen capture would be great.

any idea why when I connect my laptop to the lan port to attempt to go to web admin I cant get a good ip address. my laptop keeps pulling a funky 169.254 ip address thus i can not navigate to

I see green and amber lights on the lan port so my connection should be fine. Also tried rebooting laptop and same thing. Do I need to disconnect all other lans and wans to do this?

Hi Darrell,

When the Balance is deployed in drop-in mode, you need to access the web admin via the IP address you assigned it when you set it up.


I finally got in. Under outbound policy its set to Normal Application. See screenshot

Hi Darrell,

Assuming the access point is on the inside of your firewall, the Balance will see it as the firewall’s outside IP address since the firewall does a NAT. In order to control the access point as an individual LAN client, I would recommend the following steps:

  1. Create a One-to-One NAT with your firewall so the access point has its own public IP address going out to the internet.

  2. In the Balance 310, set the outbound policy to “Custom”.

  3. Create an outbound policy rule for the public IP address of the access point using the priority algorithm and choose WAN links in the desired order.

If you do not have additional pubic IP addresses and cannot assign one to the access point, you can still control outbound traffic using the destination or traffic type. The source “any” can still be used if you want to control outbound traffic as a whole.

Best regards,

The Peplink Team

Ron, Kurt and Tim

that seemed to work. im going to monitor it for a few days using some speed tests but so far so good.

Thanks a lot!!!