Routing a Public Netblock Given Two WANs?


Just wondering how I route a netblock of public IPs to our Balance 380. If I route just using one of the two WANs in use then if that connection is down won’t I lose access via those public IPs over the other WAN?

Thanks for any help you can offer.



Hi Leighton - you can certainly route a block of public IP’s to your Balance 380. For seamless inbound failover to the other WAN, you will want to take advantage of the Authoritative DNS feature:

Thanks -Tim


Thanks, Tim, that certainly shows how the Peplink Balance itself can be the destination regardless of the path used (via WAN 1 or WAN 2) to get there. In our case we simply have a block of 1,024 numerical IP addresses where no domain names are expected to be assigned to them. Given that, is there a way we can route the numerical addresses to the Balance 380 itself (regardless of path) without assigning domain names?



Hi Leighton, it only works with domain names - you would not be able to route a public numerical IP address to a different public numerical IP address for incoming traffic.
Thanks -Tim