Routing a LAN Subnet

Hi All,

I am currently in the process of setting up a new data centre, it differs quite a lot from our current setup which uses lots of comms lines into a 1350. Our new Topology is 2 x diverse fibre links, to do failover correctly we have a /29 link subnet. This subnet fails over automatically between the links.

As part of the setup we also have a routed LAN /27 subnet, my question is, how can I correctly route this subnet onto my LAN using the 1350?

Here is what I’ve tried so far and it doesn’t seem to work:

Peplink Local address:
HA Virtual Address:

WAN 1: 46.YYY.4.X /29

Additional Addresses: 46.YYY.2.XXX /27

I don’t seem to be able to use any of the /27 addresses, I’ve tried to NAT an outgoing connection and don’t get anywhere nor can I get an inbound connection on any of the /27 addresses.

I mustn’t be routing the /27 correctly, can someone help me with above, is it even possible to do with a Peplink?



I suggest to post your network diagram with IP addresses in order to have better understanding for your network.

This is a cut down version of the topology, I need to route the /27 to LAN clients, I usually do this using NAT or Services. Am I able to route the /27 via the Peplink?

If the WAN1 IP of Peplink is 46.YYY.2.76. Then, ISP router requires a route 46.YYY.4.224/27 via 46.YYY.2.76.

Then, add the /27 IP as Additional Public IP on WAN1. And you can configure the NAT Mappings to map 46.YYY.4.224/27 to your LAN IP.

Thanks for the reply, I already tried the suggestion above as this is how I currently perform this operation but it does not work. Perhaps there is something up with the ISP routing, I’ll check with them.

Forgot to also mention, that I don’t have an ISP provided router, my connection comes directly from an interface of an ADVA Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD) but as far as I know the LAN Subnet is routed via OSPF for failover between redundant links.

You said the redundant link, do you mention the 2nd fibre Internet link? Can you provide more details of this?

For my understanding, 46.YYY.2.? and 46.YYY.4.? are from same ISP on WAN1, right? If it is correct, you have to ask ISP to add the routes on their router.


We need to know more details on your setup for further troubleshooting.

Appreciate if you can open Support Ticket at

Thank you.