Router Utility v2.0 Beta for Android

We would like to announce Router Utility v2.0 Beta for Android phone devices.

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Important notes:

  • Push notification has been disabled for versions v1.4.7 or below due to Google deprecating GCM. This version is required to enable push notification.


  • New UI design

Known issue:

  • The “Import / Export device list” feature is not included. This feature will resume in a future version.


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This looks pretty nice!

I also get requests for the IC2 app on Android quite a bit. Is there any work being done on that?

Cradlepoint just launched their netcloud app on both platforms.


Thanks for the app. I was excited for it to help manage WAN connections from my phone when in motion instead of having to pull out a computer to re-connect or go through the web interface on my phone. I notice all I can do is move WAN connection priority/disable/re-enable? I cannot connect to a SSID/WiFi network for WiFi as WAN? That would be extremely helpful…to have some of the basic connectivity/settings in the App.

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Any thoughts on the above? Specifically will it be updated to allow for selecting SSID/WiFi networks for WiFi as WAN or changing connection settings on cellular/WiFi as WAN? Thanks!

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