Router Utility Update

To the folks @ Peplink: I saw we got a new Router Utility for iOS overnight. Thanks for keeping this important “app” up to date.

I note one bug and I’ll raise an additional minor issue.

Bug in the UI in Client List": All clients are displayed using the wi-fi icon, even those which are connected by Ethernet. This appears to be a regression.

Request: The "PepVPN/SpeedFusion section on the main page shows all. However, they’re not in any logical order. PepVPNs are dispersed among SF Cloud connections, for example. And, I see two tunnels connected to '“SFC-NYC” are not adjacent to each other. Do you think the ordering of these connections could be improved?


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Minor gripe for me, but the client list look and feel has changed… something with the chosen font size and style isn’t sitting right with my eyes. The chosen font for the other screens i find is softer and easier to read.

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I think I may have hurt my SOHO’s feelings. Shortly after, Router Utility app can no longer connect to the SOHO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @stego. We’ve not seen that problem with the new version. If the address specified for the SOHO and the credentials are both correct there should be no issues.

And … I agree with your comment re the fonts. Some of that may be a result of the need to jam lots of information into a small phone screen.