Router question, before I take the HD2-MBX out of the box

Can I assign an IP address/subnet to a specific lan port and run DHCP on that interface so I can have different subnets/IP space? I have four subnets that I need to have a router for to go through a single SD-WAN GW (MBX).
I have an Aruba 7005 I can do this in, but looking to cut back on gear. I’ll be using the MBX as the LTE/Starlink/5G GW.

Also, can I upgrade my HD2-MBX-5G to an HD4-MBX-5G by swapping the rear module? Is that a question I should just ask my reseller?

Again… I’ve done no research yet on either topic… I just like creating and participating in discussions here.


Yes you can.

I would not expect that to be possible but have never tried.

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Thank you tons, Martin!

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Martin - this is exactly what I was trying to do. I’m jamming into my BR2 Pro 5G now. You rock man!