Router Mexico?

I recently purchased a used MAX BR1 Pro 5G on eBay, I can’t get it to connect to any cell phone company’s network.
Can someone help with the configuration?
Any technician specialized in it?
In Mexico I can’t find distributors

List of partners in Mexico here:

Factory reset the device with the button on the front.
Make sure the APN is right. It should connect. If it doesn’t it’s normally operator related.

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It has already been factory restored, today I am going to try the APN
thanks for the partner list

Hi Israel,

Quite late in here. The BR1 Pro 5G supports all cellular bands used in Mexico.

If you still have issues or need any kind of assistance, plase let me know.

CTO Networks
Peplink Distributor in Mexico

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Since it was bought on ebay, the issue could be its still bounded to its previous account holder. The previous settings from incontrol2 can be overriding any settings you place in it, even without a sim card in the unit, since it can use esim capabilities as well.

  1. Remove the cellular antennas from the unit
  2. Factory reset by holding down the reset button while powered on for 20 seconds
  3. Connect to the unit via the standard address
  4. Proceed with the defaults admin/admin
    5 Once In the unit head over to System>InControl
  5. Disable the Controller Management Settings click Save
  6. Make sure the unit is on the latest firmware if latest hit apply changes
  7. Re-engage the cellular antennas
  8. On the Dashboard it should say connecting
  9. If it doesn’t click on the Cellular Settings section
  10. Under Operator Settings select Custom
  11. For the APN enter the APN for the carrier example I used telcel so my APN was
  12. Click Save and then Apply Changes

I took my Pepwave to Mexico I had a telcel sim, it worked without any input from me.

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