Route Specific Traffic

Hi All,

I have just come onboard a new company and we have a Peplink Balance 380. This is the first time I have ever heard of this device and am not a networking type person so am having trouble finding a way to do this.

Basically, we have two internet connections coming in to the office from two providers and we wish to be able to route specific traffic using one of these pipes, such as email, so that email can only traverse our larger connection unless it fails in which case we would like it to failover. There is also a secure application that is used inhouse, accounting application as far as I can tell, and if the connection request goes out one of our connections but the response comes back from the other, the connection is refused - still working on why this is, but I know if I have only one connection in at a time it works so if I can route this traffic through one connection also that would enable me to have both connected and have failover redundancy.

I have had a look through the (very lenghty!) manual and cannot find what I am looking for.

Hoping that it is something easy that I am missing or that someone can point me to where I can see a step-by-step on the process.

Happy to provide any further information as this is starting to drive me crazy! :confused:


My friend,

Peplink products are great for managing Inbound / Outbound traffic over multiple WAN links. your balance 380 has 7 load balancing algorithm which you can use to route specific traffics to/from specific source/destination to your desire WAN link. you can find “outbound policy” under the “Network” tab. to route specific traffic for example SMTP for your email to a specific WAN port you can choose between Enforced or Priority algorithm by your decision. for further information please see load balancing algorithms:

also for your accounting application you can choose Persistence algorithm to keep you on the same WAN link over the entire session, so your IP address will not change and connection will not be refused.

Thanks, Hootan

Thank you for the reply.

I will investigate this and follw up if I have any more questions.

Hi Hootan,

I do not have nay options under ‘Outbound Policy’. Is there something else that needs to be enabled first?

I have both of my conections plugged in and both of the WAN connections enabled.


You have to click on a small Pencil icon on the right , then select manage by custom policy. then you will be able to create custom rules.

There does not appear to be anything next to the Outbound Policy at all. Please see the attached.


This is strange , what kind of browser are you using and which version ?

IE9, but I have just installed Firefox 13.01 and that displays the options.

I’ll see what I can do in there now.

Thanks again.


If you have older firmware on the Balance you may need to upgrade your 380 to be compatible with IE9.

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The Peplink Team

Thanks Ron.

Noticed that it was at 4.8.2 so have scheduled it for upgrade this weekend to the latest version, 5.4.1.