Route setting for UDMP behind Balance 305


I have the original UDMP behind new BALANCE 305.
NAT on UDMP is disabled and Static Route set, but I still cannt reach defined server thru Inbound Access Services.


  1. ISP thru WIFI / 2. ISP 4G+

    Balance 305

    UDM Pro

    2x Web server + 1x NAS

Balance -
Static Route Dest. Netw.
UDM Pro WAN1 - IP / SubNet / Router
UDM Pro Lan -

Can somebody help me a bit?

Many thanks in advance!

Start on your Balance 305. Use the ping tool in the web admin can you ping the target IP in the network?

WANs on Balance 305 are WISP and 4G? Do either actually have a public IP that accepts inbound routing?

Yes I have on both WAN public IP. If the accept inbound routing - no idea.
I have tried to connect NAS directly to Balance LAN and route only in Balance to and that works.

I cannot ping the internal IPs on from web admin, so the problem will be somewhere between Balance and UDM or I guess directly in UDM setting.

Any idea? Should I send some screenshots of my settings?

Hi Martin,

till I have disabled NAT on UDMP I see all equipments behind static route

but still I cannot Ping them.

Can you help me please?