Route Internet-bound traffic over VPN to Main Office

We’d like web-browsing and other Internet-bound traffic at site A to be routed over the site-to-site VPN to site B and then hit the Internet. That’s as opposed to only routing site-to-site traffic such as a client on A accessing a server in site B. For clarity, clients in both site A and site B would like look like they are at Site B from the point of view of a some web server on the Internet. Which level of peplink appliances are needed? Thank you for your help.

I finally found a couple articles about this but they all have additional elements that complicate it. The only additional element is that I’d love it if only one subnet / vlan at site A were to route Internet bound traffic over the VPN through Site B. Other subnets/vlans at site A accessing the internet would go out directly from Site A.

Again your help is much appreciated. We only have one device right now. Site A has a Peplink Balance 30 LTE.

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This is for all intents and purposes the same question as Lock SSID to a specific WAN port - #4 by MartinLangmaid except instead of WAN2 you would choose the VPN connection.

YOU don’t have to use the enforced algorithm either, I might use priority instead to that if the vpn were down for whatever reason internet access could breakout locally.


Thank you that helped!