Route Google Voice traffic?

Balance 20X

A little googling suggests that Google Voice VOIP traffic uses DSCP 46 marking which I believe equates to the “EF” value in the Peplink outbound rules. But, I can’t seem to get traffic to route to an SFC tunnel using this rule. google-ef.png
Taking a different route, I can’t seem to make any sense of the deep packet application stuff that this rule would appear to take advantage of. voip-apps.png It seems that my ‘destination’ is all wrong but that is the only way to engage the ‘Application Protocols’.

So I’m looking for suggestions about how to route all VOIP type of activity to an SF tunnel but all other traffic should remain outside of the tunnel.

One option which might be heavy handed is to leverage the inControl SaaS destination for “Google Workspace”. This would also include non-voice stuff, but it would also include google voice. I use this rule and google voice & all the other google stuff works great over Speedfusion.

try routing udp 19302-19309

Yup, I figured this out after a bit more googling. It seems like maybe DSCP marking is hit or miss. Maybe more common for stand alone VOIP phones and other stand alone network gear?


Routing these ports seems to work for google voice calls to/from a browser. At least I see activity on the correct SF tunnel…
Now, I need to do the same for Nextcloud Talk sessions and WiFi calling.

wifi calling easy as well. udp 4500 for most carriers/phones i think.

Port 4500 doesn’t appear to be working for me with Mint Mobile.

try disabling IPsec NAT-T, I had to get it to work but I dont know about Mint.