Root domain access without www

Peplink Balance 380 5.1.8 build 1421 (no HA)

My domain name is The domain is configured to use,

My NS / SOA Records in the Peplink are:
ns1 <-> ISP 1 IP Address
ns2 <-> ISP 2 IP Address

The CNAME records are empty.

If I enter into a web browser, I get the page does not exist page.

If I enter,, etc the correct page is displayed

I tried doing a wildcard for but no dice.

I would like to be able to write in a web browser and have it go to my website. I have a couple of public IPs where I use the NAT Mappings pointed to the LAN hosts for the different webservices.

Does my config look correct? Do I need to configure a CNAME. I have other domains configured on the Peplink that I can use for testing without disrupting the production website.

If you want to have an A record for “”, you need to use a dot “.” as Host in A Records.

Also, according to your screenshot, you are using 3500 as TTL in all A records. We suggest to use default TTL=5. If you are using 3500, the failover of DNS result will be changed after 3500 seconds after WAN down/up event.