Roof or pole mounted antenna and pepwave router

I have the Pepwave Max Transit Duo Dual Modem with a verizon and t-moblie sim card. I have had this set up for about 2 years with minimal issues and only using the little paddle antenna’s for that time. Recently came to Washington State and had service issues. I roof mounted the Poynting 7-in-1 antenna and got minimal change. I think got a 25 foot mounting pole and Parsec Akita 4x4 Mimo Omni Directional Pole Mountable antenna. Neither antenna seemed to provide much improvement. Are there any settings in the router that need to be adjusted for the different antenna’s? Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Also, could VPN have anything to do? Using Pulse Secure. I am on the west coast so the VPN is connecting back to the east coast.

See my Confusing, Disappointing Peplink Pepwave Equipment Performance thread. You may have to employ a similar directional antenna solution to get the performance you desire.

Locate the closest towers on each service, their bearings relative to you, their distances, and any possible natural or man-made path interferences.

You can see, in that thread, what we ended-up having to do.

You’ll be able to get an idea by examining the signal values for each of the services to which you’re connecting.

well have you surveyed? where are the cell tower(s)? how far? any LoS obstructions? what are signal levels with paddles? external antenna? what bands?

if your area has limitations, putting up an external antenna wont always help, or magically make signal where signal does not exist.

omni directional is not usually the best choice for fixed location building antennas. some might recommend a directional or uni directional / x-polarized.

There are a few T-mobile towers in range. I also have the T-Mobile home internet (just plugs into wall) and it works much faster.

I am in an RV (stationary for a few weeks) as an FYI

Wow when you said 25 foot mounting pole I would not have imagined RV…

What band is t-mobile home internet connecting on? What signal? What category modem/CA?

How did you get t-mobile home internet to work while mobile? I thought they locked it to the cell tower(s) near your home address?