Roll over date

I have a Surf Soho running 6.1.2 and I have been trying to get the rollover date for the data monitor to work.

My billing date from the ISP is the 20th of the month and I have set the bandwidth monitor accordingly. I have also set it to Notify but not disconnect.

However, the monthly usage always starts at the first of the month and ends on the 30/31st of the month on the status page/ daily/monthly etc. the router shows the total data usage for that month instead of the billing cycle.

Anyone have a solution? ISP won’t change my billing date. Already tried that.

The bandwidth usage reports are separate from the bandwidth monitoring dates. The usage reports will always show the data consumed for the whole month, 1st through the 31st.

The bandwidth monitoring works in the background and will honor the dates and allowance you have entered, sending notifications and shutting it down if you want.

I hear what your saying Tim but to determine what the usage is for MY month I need to take the last 10 or 11 days of last month and add it to this months total to see where I’m at.

To me, it would make more sense to have the usage based on the billing month so you could see it at a glance. A couple of other routers that I have do that.

If there is enough room in the box, why not both?

I live in the Boonies and the only reliable Internet I can get is Cellular. The spelling for Data on Cellular is something like this $$$$$$$$$$ here in Canada so we must be careful but at the same time we must not disrupt the family too much. They need their Facebook Fix you know.

I have a case open now for a related problem. Ticket # 744501. Without having to do a bunch of math it would be nice to see at what point the problem occurs.

It always seems to happen near the end of the calender month but also near the end of the billing month even thou the bandwidth monitor is set NOT to disconnect at the preset level.

Hi Ray,

Your case is under investigation by engineering team. We will revert on the finding asap.

I had the same problem , the antennas were randomly restarting , and did not know the cause . How they were fed by POE thought was that I came to feed on the source but still it restarted . Realized with antennas that had the SSID Open happening more often , but to solve definitely I updated the firmware 3.4.1 . With this solved 100 %

Yesterday I got an email notification that the router had processed 95% of the monthly allotment that I had set. In this case 7.168 Gig.

Ii looked at the stats from the ISP this morning and so far for the BILLING month I have used 5.1 gig total up and down.

On October 1st. I received an email that the router had processed 75% of the monthly allotment. I did not check the ISP at the time.

The BILLING month is set on the router for the 20th of the month.

For all of September the usage was 10.160 gig and October to date is 1.988 according to the router.

So, now I am even more confused as none of the numbers are even close.

The only good ? thing is that the router has not just stopped processing on apparently it’s own since I made the change to the USB WAN health to Smartcheck as suggested by tech support.


Based on my checking, your usage as below:-

20 Sept - 30 Sept = 4.8GB
1 Oct - 7 Oct = 1.9GB
Total is 6.7GB

So the different is consider close. Please take note due to different network protocol overheads and conversions, the data usage may different with your provider.