Rogue Access Point

What does marking an access point as a rogue access point actually do?


A rogue access point is a wireless access point that has either been installed on a secure company network without explicit authorization from a local network administrator.

Our AP manages to detects this and show the info to administrator.

yes, i got that. but what does marking one rogue actually do? is it just an accounting thing to help you keep track of ones you recognize and ones you dont?

Hi mille1j,

You are right ! The basic function for AP marking is for you to identified surrounding APs with the marking. AP marking is very important for high security network to detect rogue AP exist in the network. All known APs will be marked as Identified and if any unknown/new AP discovered will be listed in the suspected APs. Details process will be run through to identified suspected APs list to find out whether Rogue AP existed. Marking function can reduce job load for administrator to identified previous known APs and only concentrate new discovered APs. Just think about if you have more APs deployed, nearby discovered APs maybe double or triple than deployed APs, we have to relied marking to help on this situation.