Roaming not working when using Pepxim SIM injector

Hi there,
I’ve set this up in the UK with SIM cards from UK and it’s working fine with remote SIMs via SIM injector.
However when taking the kit abroad and powering on, the MAX HD1 Domes we have don’t seem to get SIM card signal anymore.

I assume this is due to roaming as the country is the only thing that changed. From what I could see in the settings there is no option to enable roaming for the remote SIM option on the domes, only for slot A & B which is enabled.

To test this, I’ve put a SIM card directly into slot A and changed the config from remote SIM to slot A as well. This way the Dome could get a signal and internet connection.

The way we connect everything is with an SDX Pro that acts as a SIM proxy, but I was also not able to find a roaming option there either.
I’ve also checked on the Pepxim SIM injector itself and there’s no roaming option.

Is this a missing feature or am I overlooking a roaming option for using remote SIM on the MAX HD1 Domes?


The roaming option for remote SIM connection is at the RemoteSIM Management page :

Appreciate the quick reply!

Haven’t used that page at all so far, I just switch from slot A/B to remote SIM and had it search for a server and that worked as well.

That seems to have worked, thanks!