Roaming Depending on GPS information


Dear peplink,

We are getting more and more the request if it is possible to enable roaming in certain countries (for each sim card).
Like you can blacklist certain countries for a simcard and whitelist others using the GPS data. Below is a example of one of the questions from our costumers.

  1. We want to have configuration depends on GPS information.
    Our sim card has a roaming agreement. It works 50 different countries. We want our 4G router should able roaming these countries and if the ship is in another country which our contract does not work. Roaming should be disabled.

An example Vodafone is working with TURKEY and Russia, but our roaming contract does not cover Bulgaria. We want our internet should be disabled switch to Iridium or should limit internet access.


We have a similar feature in v7.1.0. Anyway, this coming feature allows roaming based on MCC (Mobile Country Code). Do you think this can meet your requirement?


Hi TK,

I think that feature should do the trick.
Do you have a ETA when 7.1.0 will be released so i can communicate this back?


No ETA at the moment. v7.0.1 should be beta soon. We will continue the development of v7.1.0 after v7.0.1.


Thank you for your fast responses TK. GL with the development!!