RJ45 to celluar adapter

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I searched around the forum but unfortunately did not find any related post that answers my question so here goes.

It is an issue for me that one has to hard code the download & uploadspeed on the WAN interfaces on Peplink products. Issue is that I have a satellite connection that will be anything between 0 and 2Mbit/s depending on other users.

When applying QoS → User Group, I want to reserve an amount for manager group, however if speed on WAN interface is not set properly I can not ensure anything is saved.

Therefore I’m curious if anyone has experience with an RJ-45 to celluar adapter - is that even possible?

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What would an RJ45 to cellular adapter allow you to do differently?

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On the celluar interfaces you don’t have to specify the download / upload speed. I assume that the Pepwave tests the connectivity and speed on interval - if I’m not mistaken.

It doesn’t test the speed. It does test that the link is healthy.

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That’s interesting.

I’m wondering if the QoS - Group Bandwidth Rerservation only applies to the RJ-45 WAN interface?

You are correct, the Group Bandwidth Reservation is only applied to the ethernet WAN interfaces due to the dynamic nature of the cellular WANs.

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