Rewriting urls with ""


I just installed a Peplink Balance in the network of my company.

Now, when using Chrome, Firefox or Safari, the URL of images in the web pages are rewritten with “” + URL of the image.
This does not happen with Internet Explorer.
And this does not happen if only one WAN is activated on the Peplinl Balance.

The rewriting of the image URLs disturbs our work (we are working on internet application), and often, the url rewritten images are not correctly displayed in the browser (expect for IE which does not rewrite URL…).

The network is build with a WAN ADSL connection giving a RJ45 connection which arrives in the WAN 1 of the Balance, plus one LTE connection arriving in the USB port of the Balance.
Then the LAN side of the Balance is connected to the WAN port of a CISCO router which deliver the connection to its own LAN ports.

Is there a mean to avoid the URL rewriting in the Balance ?

Thank you for all suggestions.


Hi, The Balance One is not doing any URL rewrites, so the rerwrites must be coming from another source.

A google search of the as a topic points to a media compnay called Bytes Mobile that provides image compression for access over mobile connections.
You mention that this issue only happens when one WAN is active. Is the other WAN a cellular connection using a USB dongle?

There is a reference to this phenomenon here as a wordpress plugin that looks to solve the issue. BMI Wrong Image Link Fix – WordPress plugin |

And more talk about it here on a german site bmi-Links verseuchen das Internet - Forum: Computer & Spiele

Hope that helps.