Reverse DNS not able to create PTR

Hi ,

I am having peplink 380 Device , I am not able to add the Pointer record

You need to create a reverse lookup zone, then you’ll be able to add PTR records to it.

I have created reverse lookup zone ,even after I am not able to create PTR record.

Support for PTR record starts from firmware 5.2.2 - are we on firmware 5.2.2 or later?

There are also some instructions in the user manual that should point us to the right direction.

PTR records are used for the reverse DNS (Domain Name System) lookup. You can get the associated domain/hostname by using the IP address . An “A” record should exist for every ptr record. I would suggest you to follow the below steps to create a ptr record :

  1. Click start -> administrative tools then select DNS from the list of tools that appears. Then, Microsoft management console will open.

  2. Locate the name of your DNS server in the list on the left of the console. Click the check box next to the server name to expand the DNS components configured on the DNS server.

  3. Click the check box next to the reverse lookup zones folder. This displays the list of reverse lookup zones available in the DNS server.

  4. Right-click the Reverse lookup zone that you want to create the PTR record in. This will display a list of options. Select the “Other New Records” option. This will open a resource record type window. Select “Pointer (PTR)” from the list of record types, then click ->Create Record . This will open a New resource record window.

5 .Type the TCP/IP address in the host IP address text box . This will automatically create a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name ) for the record. Type the host name of your computer that maps to the TCP/IP address in the host name text box . Click “OK” to return to the resource record type window.

  1. Click -> Done button to create the record in the DNS reverse lookup zone. Reverse DNS lookups for that TCP/IP address will now return the host name of the computer.

After that you can check whether a ptr record is added or not by using the site . Here, you need to specify a domain name ( For which domain you want to check the ptr record ) then it displays the resource records of that domain .