Reverse DNS failed to lookup

Hi guys,

We had deploy a Peplink with 3 WAN (2 static and 1 dynamic) and we configure DNS settings whereby 1st ISP will act as DNS 1 and 2nd ISP will act as DNS 2, everything is working fine but when we use the 1st ISP IP to lookup the dns URL is failed but use 2nd ISP IP to lookup the dns 2 is ok. Is there anything we need to fine tune for this? I’m sorry as i was still new to peplink hope that you guys can assist me.

Million thanks in advanced.

CH Liew


Look like you have problem with DNS Settings (Network > DNS Settings) since you mentioned Reverse DNS failed to lookup. Do correct me if I am wrong.

Have you included WAN1 as DNS Server (Network > DNS Settings > DNS Server)?

Hi TK,

Yes i had included both ISP act as DNS server however if i use windows cmd and do a nslookup, if i enter both dns url i can lookup my dns IP for both, however if i use DNS IP to lookup i assume i should able to lookup my DNS URL but i can’t…hmmm i think i was confuse on reverse lookup and lookup as well…


Please help to open ticket on this. We need to take closer look on your setting. Do remember to turn on Remote Assistance on this unit.

Thank you.