returning equipment purchased from the 5G store

Hey all. I just returned a SOHO to purchase a CAT 18, and in the course of that transcation I learned a very disapointing detail: I purchased an extra year of support and apparently this is not refundable. Does this actually go “poof” or is there some way to transfer this to someone else?

What did 5G store say?

Buy on a CC? do a chargeback? big deal? You didn’t use it, don’t pay for it. Credit card company rules defeat store policy… be a smart consumer. I never care about store policy, my rules beat theirs. :slight_smile: I always win… 8 cases last year…

Yikes. As someone that has sold and purchased thousands of items online, that isn’t cool at all.


To better study your case, could you please write up your situation (with device SN), copy this message, and email it to [email protected]? Thank you.

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Thank-you Cassy_Mak

the SOHO has been returned to the 5GStore who relayed this information. I have sent the requested information to [email protected], along with a screenshot of my 5GStore account details showing the License assigment to the SOHO S/N. I regret that I did not capture the SOHO S/N while it was in my posession.

assistance much appreciated!

on edit: my TRANSIT CAT 18 just arrived, so looking forward to putting this one into service!

Mystery –

you asked "what did 5G store say? Their exact words were: “Unfortunately licenses are non-refundable per Peplink.”

With the assistance of Cassy_Mak I should be able to find out more detail., and hopefully obtain a better resolution. For all I know, the money already flowed to Peplink and it is out of the 5G Store’s hands. lessoned learned though - I"ll purchase a support license for my CAT 18 when I need it.

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Update: I just received communication from Peplink marketing that this will be resolved. thank-you Peplink and thank-you to the peplink community!

that kind of responsiveness is fantastic, so here’s another shout-out to Peplink.

my rv adventures just got more exciting!


another update: Peplink instructed the 5GStore to issue a refund, and I have already received notice from the 5GStore that refund will be issued towards the original payment method. RIGHT ANSWER!

I can appreciate that unwinding such a thing can be complex. After all, the license was already assigned to the SOHO s/n that is now returned. So Peplink had to do some things and 5GStore had to do some things. Shout out to both Peplink and the 5GStore for the quick action on this!


That’s great to hear. I realize it may have been a pain in the neck for them, but especially since you were returning to purchased another peplink device, I’m really glad to see this effort by peplink and 5g store to be good to the customer. I will keep shopping there for sure.

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