Retrieve Cellular Signal Strength using SNMPv3

I’m currently using version 6.3.0 and have uploaded the latest MIB to our NMS. I would like to be able to poll the signal strength of the cellular modems, however when I do a SNMP walk I see no OID for this, or other cellular stats such as uptime, band, carrier etc.

Have I missed this or is this not included within the MIB?

I understand this is possible using InControl 2 but I’d like to be able to do this from my own NMS.

Thanks in advance

Is your NMS able to send SSH commands?
If so then you could send a SSH command to your pelink device for getting WAN Status including Signal strengt, see the Peplink CLI SSH reference guide for that, (first command)

I hope this helps!


You should able to monitor the cellular WAN signal strength using SNMP:

  1. Make sure you download the latest MIB file.

  2. Make sure the device is running using firmware version 6.3.0 or above

For more information, please refer to the screenshot as attached.

Thank You

Thanks both for your replies. Frontier your SSH suggestions sounds good, I was going to try but then re-checked the MIB after sitloongs post. Sitloongs you’re right this is part of the MIB I must have missed it. I am now polling for these values so job done!


Good to know that you manage to get is work :up:

Thank You