Result of ping show DUP!

hi all, does anyone know what is( DUP! )? when we do ping test to certain destination it show that

That is mostly related to packet duplication received. Please further check whether network is properly setup and no looping happen.

For more information please refer to the URL below:

Please check on the ping time as well, normally you should not get ping response time more than 50 ms for local network connection.

Dear Sitloongs,

The ping result is actually capture from one of my peplink at location A when ping to location B peplink LAN IP interface.
the location A and B both location having the internet link and then establish SF VPN, where we notice the ping result to internet fine but user complaint high latency among both location, so i did ping test from location A peplink to location B peplink LAN interface saw high latency and then got this (DUP!) , so just feel curious on this.

Can you please open a support ticket here for us to investigate ?

hi sit loong, i did open a case if you manage to found any clue on the DUP! let me know thanks.

Sure, we will followup with you using support ticket

thanks sit loong :slight_smile: