Restore Factory Settings have Enable 2WAN & USB



Factory Reset have Enable 2xWAN (DHCP Mode) and USB Modem in All Balance Model. For Solution Balance have PPPoE Connected on WAN 1. If Reset Factory can’t online InControl System. All Balance model maybe enable 2xWAN and USB Modem & Android Tethering is easy for end user.


Just to confirm your request, you need the USB WAN enabled by default ?


Now, have issue using Private InControl System. Device is Factory Reset not redirect to Privately Host InControl.


This is the expected behavior whereby factory reset will restore the device into factory reset settings. Factory settings won’t store the private InControl host info. Just curios, any reason why you need to keep the InControl host info ? Beside that, can you share your use case why you need to factory reset the device seem the device is running ?


In Case, End User (Retail/PoS/EDC/ATM) using Pepwave Mobile Router have out of control device (Steal / Lost) have Factory Reset device can sync find my device but Private Host Incontrol not find my device and managed.


Hi @spoiler,

I understand your concern. To mitigate this risk, I recommend having a Group within “Public” IC2 where you register ALL of your rental / PoC type devices (no harm in registering everything if you want). I would then have a Group Setting to redirect devices to my Private InControl. When a device is factory reset it communicates with IC2, where this group setting would then be applied and the device would then appear on your Private ICA / ICVA.

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In case, Can device have Subscription expired redirection to primary host incontrol?
Thank You.


Hi @spoiler,

Yes, even if the warranty has expired the redirect will work (subscription is not required). If the device is within Warranty and online the redirect happens quite quickly. Where the warranty has expired, the redirect happens the next time the device is rebooted.




Now, FW7.1.1 New Firmware not include Enable USB Modems WAN Connected is defaults.



The feature is targeted for next major firmware release