Restaurant POS and Wi-Fi - MPLS Alternative via SpeedFusion Failover

Proposed High Level Design for MPLS Alternative deployment


  • Food and Beverage Outlet with POS and guest WiFi devices
  • Primary WAN is MPLS IP/VPN private network, secondary WAN will be either FTTx, xDSL, or Cellular 3G/4G LTE


  • Each outlet to establish VPN back to HQ, to upload the business transaction data from the POS machines
  • Provide guest WiFi access via the secondary WAN
  • Primary path for business data should go through MPLS/VPN, and in the event MPLS IP/VPN link down, it will automatically fail-over to secondary WAN (commodity Internet) with AES-256 encryption to protect the data confidentiality and privacy
  • If Primary WAN failed, business transaction data and guest WiFi access will be sharing the secondary WAN, where link priority should be given to business data over guest WiFi access

Recommended Solution:

  • Deploy Peplink Balance 30 LTE to cater the multi-WAN, and same time able to manage the AP One 300M with multiple SSID (staff and guest)
  • SpeedFusion can be configured in fail-over approach, where it takes MPLS IP/VPN as primary link for VPN connection, and fail over to commodity Internet if MPLS IP/VPN down
  • Enable QoS settings at the Balance 30 LTE to ensure business data will always given higher priority over guest WiFi, in the event of link congestion happened

Devices Deployed: Balance 30 LTE, 1350/2500, AP One 300M

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Is it possible to see the detailed configuration steps for this type of configuration?

Hello Goeres, even though this deployment looks difficult, the simplicity of the Peplink interface allows you to set it up pretty easily. My engineers would be happy to walk you through this in detail and show you how straight forward it is. Pleae let us know if you would like to set up a time to do this. Thanks


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