Restart DHCP Server in Balance

It would be nice to have the ability to restart or refresh any DHCP/VLAN in the Balances without having to restart the entire unit.

If you modify the configuration of the DHCP server (example: enable/disable) the DHCP lease table gets cleared. Does this help currently?

Hi tjvoip45, what was the issue you’re facing to trigger the DHCP server restart?

Ok so basically I am testing a 3CX software pbx on a windows 7 machine and my firewall/router is a Balance One. In the 3CX during the configuration I noticed depending on what your doing you have to either refresh, restart each individual aspect of the the software once you make certain changes. This is nice to be able to restart say the sip trunk piece of the 3CX software without having to restart the entire phone system.

When you use option 66 in a say windows 8 server you have the ability to just refresh the DHCP server and not reboot or completely shut off the system. I will be using the Balance One as the DHCP server. I would be nice to refresh the DCHP scope and not have to take down all devices on that LAN just for the lease table to be cleared.

Any chance, there would be some kind of refresh button in future for DHCP instead of having to disable entire DHCP server? Or even better, the ability to refresh an individual lease.


May I know how the action of refresh DHCP scope in DHCP server will help in your situation? Based on my understanding, if you refresh DHCP scope, IP phone still hold the original IP. So it will not send DHCP discovery to look for IP (Of course IP phone wouldn’t send DHCP request with option 66 if no DHCP discovery).

We don’t always utilize the Option 66, depending on the situation. Its more just for convenience to not have to disable then enable the DHCP scope or reboot the router completely. Sometimes I will changes a scope from say a /24 to /26 for testing purposes and completely change the range as well. To be able to just refresh and not restart would just be nice, especially when I have a data lan, voice lan, and guest wifi lan. To not have to reboot entire router and take down entire network would be nice. Unless I am missing something or you know a better way of try to accomplish this?


Basically the requested refresh feature are equivalent to the action disabling and enabling for the dedicated DHCP scope.

Please check on the example below:

VLAN1 - Staff (DHCP Scope 1)
VLAN2 - Voice VLAN (DHCP Scope 2)
VLAN3 - Guest WIFI LAN (DHCP Scope 3)

If you want to refresh DHCP scope for Staff, what you need to do is just disabling & enabling the Staff DHCP scope 3. The actions taken will not influence other DHCP service for other VLANs.

Thank You

Ok thanks a lot.