[Resolved] AWS FusionHub & VoIP calls (dropping)


I have successfully configured my PepLink Balance Router with Amazon FusionHub Appliance. Tunnel has been created and the status button is green (online).
However, when I disconnect one of my two ISPs to simulate a connection outage, my call drops.
What am I doing wrong?

Found the issue. Has not enabled “Send All Traffic To” option. LOL

Now I have some other questions: Is there any way to test FusionHub for more than one month? Do I just create another Evaluation License? Is there a way to enter this into the FusionHub Interface so I don’t have to create another AWS Instance?

Hi, to enable testing past the normal trial period you can either generate another eval license or you can log a ticket to request a trial extension period on the existing FusionHub.

Where do I log the ticket?

I will be writing a longer email with some positive remarks as to how we use Speedfusion and Fusionhub for VoIP in our environment. It works really well!

Thanks again


You may open ticket here.

look forward to hearing more about this Soriam!

Dear Peplink,

I didn’t like FusionHub for sending ALL my traffic through AWS because the EC2 servers are all too far away from me and throughput suffers considerably. So I thought to myself: “I don’t need to send ALL my traffic through AWS; all I care about is only for my VoIP traffic benefiting from the unbreakable connection”. So that’s why I did, I created an outbound policy to enforce ONLY VoIP traffic through the SpeedFusion VPN. It worked impressively well. Now only the VoIP traffic reads “VPN” on Active Sessions tab, everything else is leaving through my regular IPs (load balancing only).

I must congratulate you guys. I am always impressed by PepLink. Now, I just wished I could do FusionHub connections with servers closer to me. Miami would be awesome. I spoke to HostVirtual, an awesome provider. We had a lengthy conversation and they really tried to help, but it couldn’t be done. I wish you guys came out with FusionHub compatible with more providers, other than AWS or that AWS came out with servers closer to me perhaps. Anyways, PepLink, Pepwave, Speedfusion, FusionHub, they are all great. Thank you guys once more!

Soriam thank you for sharing! Just curious, is this for own use or are you looking to provide voip service?


I work for a Translation/Interpretation company in the US. One of the things they pay me for is Innovation and also the handling of VoIP. The Interpreters and I connect to a FreePBX server in the US, but we need utmost reliability for our VoIP calls, since we are on the phone most of the day. I am the first one to implement SpeedFusion and FusionHub, others will follow. The price is just not there yet. We really only need hot fail-over. I have already informed my superiors about PepLink and its awesome technologies.

thanks Soriam.

pretty sure you’ve done your own tests and have seen the results first hand.
Just wanted to show you a speedfusion failover test video one of our customer made, might interest you :slight_smile:

scroll down a little to the middle of the page: