Resetting PW on MAX BR1-LTE


Looking on info on how to reset the MAX BR1-LTE password back to factory cause the person that set the password to something else no longer works for the company and won’t give us the passport.


Hi there,

If you have access to the unit, please hold the reset button for +/- 20 seconds.
This will reset the unit to factory defaults, and will reset the administrator password to the default password.

I don’t think there is any way to reset the password without performing a factory reset.
If I’m mistaken, feel free to correct me.


We are trying reset the wireless password for the machine?


Ah, you mentioned MAX BR1 LTE password so I figured you meant the device password.

You can change the password of the wireless network by logging into the device via it’s IP address or by using InControl 2.
You will need to know the device password or the InControl 2 account for it though.

After logging in, go to AP > Wireless SSID and click on the SSID of which you want to change the password.