Resetting Peplink Max Adapter 5G


i got the Problem that my Max Adapter 5G is stuck in connecting to the Provider. He always trys to connect to the French Telekom (Orange F) and not the German (Telekom DE) one. My Phone is connecting without a Problem with the same SIM Card to the German Telekom. Thats weird bc i’m in the middle of Cologne and dont understand why the Adapter is try to connect to the Orange F.

Is there a way to reset the Max Adapter? Atm i got the Adapter connected directly on my PC with the USB C cable. I also tried it on my Balance 310x to set the APN to the german Telekom. But with no results. Still stuck in “Connecting”…

@Nils_Schwartz, the MAX Adapter when connected to Windows with Peplink Connection Manager installed, you should be able to see the Network Selection > “Manual” option, where you can manually choose the provider.

As for the Balance 310X, are you running firmware 8.1.3 when you encounter the “Connecting…” symptom?

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Hi @Nils_Schwartz ,
did you set as APN for T-Mobile?
This is recommended, because otherwise you can run into connection problems with TDG even in the middle of germany (normally health check errors).
Best wishes from Munich

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Thanks for your help WeiMing and Dennis. I just found out that the Telekom accidentally blacklisted my Max Adapter 5G.

Good to know that there is a Software for Windows!