Resetting names in client list

The client list is a really useful feature, the main challenge being to identify the devices on the network in the first place. Many devices broadcast a device name which shows up in italics in the list, helping to identify it.

The problem I am having is that I have inadvertently entered a blank name for a device and now cannot see this broadcast name. Is there a way to make the Peplink “forget” a device or reset the assigned name to a null?

Hi RobBoyle,

Thanks for the question. When you edit the name in the Balance client list to a blank (Status > Client list), you are causing it to “forget” the broadcasted name. If the client is not continually rebroadcasting it would remain blank for the field. Ideally, a simple reboot of the client should force it to grab a new IP and rebroadcast things again or you can of course manually edit the name to show whatever you like for it (as long as this is a local LAN client of the Balance).

I hope this helps, let me know if there’s other questions at all.