Reset LTE connection on Balance 30 LTE

How can I reset the connection? Occasionally, the device is not able to remedy the lost connection. The fix is to disable the WAN connection for the SIM, save changes, then go back in and reenable the connection and save changes again.

It seems like an on/off toggle on the status page would come in handy!

May i know what is the firmware version running for the B30LTE ? Can you please open a support ticket here for the team to check regarding to the "device is not able to remedy the lost connection " ?

You can actually reset the cellular module using the following option (Make sure you are running using latest firmware version if you can’t find the reset option) :

Clicking that link does not appear to do anything, nor does the link above it on the 7 RC firmware.

Please help to open ticket. We need to investigate why the cellular connection failed to recover itself.