Reset device in case it is locked up or does not connect back to the cellular tower

I don’t mean to bring up a dead thread [if it is] but I’d like to see the BR1 MAX or any peplink device have the capability (an option in web gui) to reset itself in case it is locked up or does not connect back to the cellular towers. How hard would this be to implement?

Starting from firmware 6.1.2 (it’s in open beta now, check it out here: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum), you can click on the Help icon to reset the cellular module when needed (to reload SIM, etc.), as shown in the screenshot below, let us know if this help :slight_smile:

By the way, if you encounter any cellular problem next time, as you said when it doesn’t connect or locked up, feel free to obtain a diagnostic report (Peplink | Pepwave - Forum) and create a support ticket along with the report ( so our engineering team can take a look to it, thank you!

Hi, I’m not sure if your using your device from a vehicle or from a building with AC… but my solution (while not elegant) when I have AC power available is to add 2 pieces of hardware… one piece is a wireless broadband adapter which feeds the peplink wan port via ethernet, second piece of hardware is a remote power switch. You create a outbound traffic rule to force the remote power switch through the cellular wan connection. The remote power switch has an auto ping feature (I use… when a certain amount of pings fail the remote power switch cycles power to wireless broadband adapter.

in the case of your setup being mobile, you could write an app that facilitates this ping system, then issues a SNMP call to the router to initiate the click ‘click help button’ system the peplink rep was talking about in the earlier post. This would be easy to write… problem is I don’t have any experience writing SNMP code or I could probably create it in a couple of hours to you… which brings me to ask is there any example code out there for manipulating the peplink routers via SNMP? I would be happy to give it a shot.