Reset device data on IC2

Hello team,

I have a device on IC2 that showing report starting in 2019. I gave the device to a new customer, now in IC2 the new customer is facing report (WAN Data bandiwdth usage) starting on the firt appearance of the device in IC2.

My question is how can i reset this report data ? I have remove & re-add this device in IC2 but old information remain in IC2.

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It’s likely that the data were imported from the device. The device’s web admin page should also be displaying old daily and monthly usage figures too.

Before you sell a device, make sure you reset it to factory defaults and remove the device from your organization on IC2. When the customer adds it to his/her organization, he/she should not see any historical data.


thanks @Michael

is there any way to reset usage data through CLI ?

On devices, there is no way to only reset the usage data without affecting the settings.

On IC2, there is also no way to reset the usage data too. If possible, remove the device from the existing organization, create a new organization and add the device to it. Then the new organization will just import the data stored on the device. Older data in the old organization will not be migrated.


OK thanks.