Researching Dropped Packets

How would one go about diagnosing the cause of some dropped packets on WAN and LAN?

I am just now discovering that it is dropping packets, so now I am curious as to exactly what packets are being dropped (and why). Is there some kind of log or utility to find out?

Are you actually seeing a problem with persistent packet loss, it’s just those numbers are so insignificant compared to the total TX/RX counters.

Drops on ingress could be interface congestion, they could also just be some dropped traffic from when the interfaces were first coming up after the router booted… especially if those counters are for dropped frames not dropped packets (not 100% clear tbh what Peplink is showing there - be nice if there was a counter reset button so you could zero them out and see if it increments under certain circumstances).

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I am trying to track down constant disconnect/reconnects with RDP session over a Cisco AnyConnect VPN tunnel. I am pretty sure that the VPN device is over-utilized - I just want to check everywhere that I have access to, before asking our network team to take a look.

Mainly, I was curious if Peplink provides any utilities to investigate it.