Requirements for load balancing


im thinking of buying the new 4g service in london to add to my existing broadband and then buying a peplink to load balance the two services.

are there any requirements on the services for success – i thought i saw somewhere that both services need to have a static IP adress

many thanks


Hi Chris,

Static IP is not needed if you use Peplink for Outbound Load Balancing.

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Thanks for the reply

Does outbound load balancing mean when i upload

does this mean i need static IPs for load balacing the downloads

finally will the peplink 20 be sufficient

Yes, Outbound Loadbalancing is set up by default on our devices and this applies to a time when traffic goes out to the outside world.
(Please know that Peplink is a session based load balancer, so when a session is established from LAN to WAN, this session keeps utilizing the same WAN until a new session is created.)

Yes, you would want to have a static IP for Inbound Loadbalancing. Please refer to the following KB article.

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i dont fully understand everything. can i check

– will a peplink 20 be sufficient

– i definitely need a static IP on both lines to achieve the load balancing for by internet usage

many thanks



– Hello, you will need a Balance 210 on up to take advantage of the Inbound Load Balancing feature: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum
– Balance Series Specifications: