Request to change OSPF metric type

Hi, We are currently planning on running two datacentres with Peplink running OSPF into Juniper SRX for Routing into more Traditional connections the customer has. Each datacentre will have its own speedfusion tunnels connecting to different remote sites. I want to create a speedfusion tunnel between the two peplinks in the datacentres to connect p2p connection between the 2. However, once this is connected, the peplink will Learn routes from the other datacentre’s speedfusion tunnels and then because of the ospf advertise these straight into the SRX’s. As the Traditional links also have connectivity into both datacentres this in my head will cause potential issues with the Traditional links routing. Do peplink do anything to stop this occuring? i.e OSPF EXT types for speedfusion tunnels learned on a neighbour via another speedfusion tunnel?


Not sure where is the traditional link connected to. Do you mind to share graphical network diagram for better understanding and comment?

Thank you.

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Given all the Traditional connections from customers going through Juniper SRX for routing, the main factor is what Juniper SRX learn from OSPF with Peplink devices. Governed by OSPF, the Juniper SRX will learn the correct path cost to the remote sites and not creating conflict. From your description, the path cost going through the p2p from another datacentre to the Juniper SRX is always higher than the path going straight from remote site to datacentre and direct to Juniper SRX. Hence, things should be fine with this design.

Hi, Although the metric for the LAN is higher within the ospf model if it is passed through an additional Speedfusion link, any Additional static routes on ANY peplink device is created as an External route and therefore the metric is the standard Administrative distance is 150, regardless if it come direct from the peplink at one DC or via the speedfusion tunnel from the other one. Is there anyway to change the external type for ospf?


There is no way to change OSPF metric type at the moment. I will move your post to Features Request for the team to take consideration.