Request for missing option for SpeedFusion within InControl2 for Star topology

Hello IC2 Team,
We seem to be missing the option to add a remote hub from within InControl2.

We have remote FusionHub and also Balance systems now in other organisations that we want to use as additional Hubs for differing organisations.

As we are using InControl2 to manage existing SpeedFusion links within both organisations for the devices within those organisations, we can not move everything out to the web admin console.

In the screen “End Point Devices” we can use the “Add Device” though there is no option in the “Hub Devices” screen to add the opposite end. We can do this from the Topology “Point-To-Point” though like to also be able to do this from the “Star” Topology.

Note: This is for InControl 2.8.4 Release on the mars server platform.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus,

It’s conceptually ‘easy’, but my first impression is that it’ll break a lot of little things along the way, much like the original ‘Add Device’ feature did.

I’ll file an internal feature request for it and see where it ends up on our roadmap, but it’s not likely to make the next release.

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