Request for management interface or loopback interface

Request for management interface or loopback interface for managed services environment as a result of our discussion (Stanley, APT and myself).

somebody please?

Hi Rocknolds,

Can you elaborate again about your application and requirements?

Stanley has left the company to pursue other opportunities back in May. We probably have missed your requirements.


Hi Alex, this has been stagnant for a long time.

So the question is whether a loopbacks or alternatively a second IP address (in a different subnet) on the LAN side for management can be created for dedicated management.
The key issue is that this management network IP needs to be a separate subnet from the WAN and LAN subnets.

Do you think the new 6.1.x firmware has already addressed this with their VLAN feature?


For my understanding of your situation, you will have multiple Peplink/Pepwave devices, so that you can manage those units over SpeedFusion via loopback IP (or call management IP). The loopback IP is just for administrative purpose and it is only allowed to access from NOC, right?

Hi Lai, you sounds right which was why I presented them before with the Admin Security->WAN Connection Access Settings where they can set access control on which source IP can only access the device for management purpose.

But he clearly mentioned that this IP address (they call it loopback IP/2nd IP) must be not on any WAN or LAN subnet.

I re open the last email conversation with our partner and will add info if they come back.