Request for IPv6 support on MAX BR1

Could you make BR1 (both 3G & 4G version) support IPv6?

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We would love to have this feature but could you please share with us more information or requirement on the IPv6 support so that our Engineering Team can be more focus on those areas.

Any up date on IPv6 for The Peplink Max Br1 This will be needed very soon for Verizon

IP addresses are getting an upgrade.

On June 30, 2017, Verizon will stop issuing new Public Static IPv4 addresses due to a shortage of available addresses. Customers that currently have active Public Static IPv4 addresses will retain those addresses, and Verizon will continue to fully support existing Public Static IPv4 addresses. In order to reserve new IP addresses, your company will need to convert to the Persistent Prefix IPv6 requirements and implement new Verizon-certified IPv6 devices.

We are aware of this and our products will be getting firmware updates to support static IPv6 addresses at a later date but prior to June 30th, 2017.