Request for 'expert' mode, unhiding all special items

A lot of options in a peplink device are “hidden” in the sense that:

  • you need to click on the Help button
  • click some hyperlink, which discloses some hidden settings.

I’ve used to spend a lot of time clicking all Help items in each menu item searching for something trivial which was hidden (perspective of an IT/Network engineer)

It would be nice to have a ‘expert mode’ flag in system settings which discloses all options at once, without having to find and click all hidden options in order to enable/view them.


Also I have a small request. If they could make the little blue question marks a little bigger so they are easier to click…and also particularly to get to “layer 2 isolation” for example you have to click a secondary “click here”…doing it 10 times for 10 VLANs…GLOBAL setting?..sorry in advance…for $200 for a SOHO I got 10 times as much as I should have