Request for Datasheet : Antenna series, ACW-852, ACW-853, ACW-854


Dear team,

Can anyone share the datasheet for these 3 antennas?


I see it in the store, but no link to the data sheet. I’ve see the ACW-854 datasheet previously , but cant seem to find it online anywhere.
Would be great if Peplink can link this somewhere in the website


You can check with your respective sales rep for this.


dear team,

yes! do you have datasheet of theses antennas?!



Hi Aroa_microbr,

These datasheets are available via Peplink partners.
You can find your local Peplink partners by clicking here.


Hi Joey,

We are a partners in Spain…

Where can we find it?




Hello @Aroa_microbr,
@Alan has posted the Antenna Radiation Patterns here

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


thanks marcus and Alan!

I have only missed antenna gain (dBi)…




Hello @Aroa_microbr,
The Wi-Fi antennas built into the Balance One and most of the Pepwave WAPs, they have a fixed gain based on the devices design and it is unlikely that you’ll be able to get this information, the radiation patterns are going to be most likely the best you can do on these.
With the devices that can have an external antenna attached, then the gain is dependant on your choice of antenna. We normally discard the shipped antennas (such as those that come with the MAX series) and use purpose chosen antennas. The antennas that are shipped are normally only used to pre-prevision the the unit.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: