Reporting for website hits?

Is there a way to see a report of the top website hits on a user basis? We would like to track not only how much bandwidth each user at our office is using, but also the websites/services that are being used by each person.



You may need Web/Content Filtering which available in the market to achieve this. For example Websense, based on my google result. :slight_smile:

If we use websense after a fusionhub in NAT mode, it would not be possible to track individual usage I guess. correct?

Hi Paille,

You are correct. As SpeedFusion NAT mode enabled, source IP address for user will be NATed before reaching to HQ. Thus, for network designing to archive the usage tracking definitely such design will not be proposed.

Again, please consider the reasons why need to enable SpeedFusion NAT mode as it usually due to the routing issue or IP conflict issue. So without the mention issues, SpeedFusion NAT should be turned off.

In conclusion, it’s more on how we designing the network to achieve the usage tracking. Common deployment, tracking sensor will be place before NAT device.

Thank You

In the SFA context, all users connected to the FH might be strangers to each other and should not “see” each others device. In that sense, NATing at FH level is almost mandatory.
I’m struggling to find a deployment where we can have both end user tracking ( for legal reason for example) and total independance between them. Of course, one FH per user is over consuming in regards to the actual need.

Hi Paille,

Base on the explanation given, there is not way for you to deploy the tracking system as the IP address is NATed. Do consider to revamp you deployment design to using multiple instance for FusionHub.

Please refer to the URL below for the FusionHub design for MSP:

Else , do consider disable “NAT mode for SpeedFusion” to have user IP address visibility info.

Thank You