Report for Bandwidth Use by Device?

I may be missing something, but is there a report in InControl that will show me monthly bandwidth usage by device? One of my customers needs to bill cellular usage by site and so would like to see during a period of time each device’s share of bandwidth consumed.
Maybe this is possible in the API but I didn’t see a call that seemed to fit…

Greetings AndyK,

Yes, there is a reporting option for usage within InControl2 . There are options for multi-device reporting and also SIM Pooling (by IMSI) but this should be a good start for a single unit;

In IC2, navigate to Dashboard of unit you need info on.
From the top Nav Bar, hover over “Reports” and click on Bandwidth and Usage Reports from the drop down options.
Select the combination of radio buttons that will produce the format you are needing - e.g. Monthly, shown in GB, Cellular is selected (versus all WANs) etc…
Export to Excel if desired.


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Thanks Beau, what the client is looking for is an organization-level report showing consumption by device…

Hello @andyk,

I don’t think there is an Organisation wide report for this, but there is a Group wide report, which I think would fit:-
In IC2, navigate to the appropriate Group
Hover over Reports, and click on "Device Reports"
Change the drop down option to last 31 days, or “custom” for specific dates
Under the graph, on the left will be a list of all the devices in the Group and their data consumption for the time period specified in the drop-down.
The report can be exported to Excel too.

Hope this helps,



Thank you Steve, I had noticed that report and it does show devices but only the top devices. Do you know if it simply lists devices in order of consumption and if there is no usage they won’t appear on the report?

Hi Andy,

I believe the screen shows the usage for all devices (where the usage is greater than zero), but you scroll through them 10 at a time. However, if you export the data to Excel, this produces a complete list of all devices - where the usage is greater than zero.

I have tested this with a Group containing 22 devices, 20 have data usage for November and appear on the Excel spreadsheet.




You da man, thanks for your insight Steve!