Replacing Ubiquiti AP in do i mount the AP One Enterprise?


I have Ubiquiti’s ceiling mounted access points in my house. I have the normal 3" blue carlon ceiling boxes in the ceiling. The Ubiquiti AP mounting ring got installed around the outside of the box into the drywall, then the AP just snapped into the ring. The mount that came with my AP One Enterprise has 2 holes in the middle of it, but from what I can find there is no way to mount it so that it covers the 3" box in the ceiling? What am I missing? Surely this product is made so that it can mount to ceiling recessed electrical boxes? Do I need a different mounting bracket or am I just missing something?


The AP One Enterprise is designed to mount on the track that holds the ceiling tiles in place. Thanks.

Any solution for mounting to a hard drywall celing? I have 3 to mount with 3" ceiling boxes to cover. Do you make a different mount for this purpose?

I would recommend to attach a blank plate to the ceiling box and then attach the mounting bracket to that, should work.

Thats what I did, worked fine. Thanks.