Replacing Field SNG for TV broadcasting

I need ( in layman’s terms) all the hardware/ software configuration to be able to broadcast TV from the field without the need of satellite !
the configuration will include the field connection from the camera to the studio where it will be processed then beamed up to satellite to viewers.

Can anyone help me please.?
thank you

You will need a MAX 700 or HD2 cellular router for the field camera:

For the studio you will need a Balance 210 or higher router to terminate the SpeedFusion bonded VPN tunnel:

Thank you
what will I need at the studio if i have 2 or more field cams each with the HD2 router.?
How Will the speedfusion be affected by above number.? Where will speedfusion resides? at the studio?

A Balance allows, depending on the model, SpeedFusion connection from 2 to up to 4000 MAX routers. Look under Number of SpeedFusion Peers on the tech comparison chart at

If you have 2 remote locations (2 MAX routers), you can use a Balance 210 (supports 2 SpeedFusion peers).

Check out this deployment diagram to see how to take advantage of SpeedFusion for broadcasting. More at